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Five Reasons You Should Donate Food

benefits of donation

All of us are living in a world where technology, arts, and science have progressed at lightning speed. The world now has the power of technology to produce enough food that can feed the entire global population.

Then why do we see so much news of death from hunger in the country? It is because of the way many people waste food or fail to utilize the volume of food in the right way.

That is why donating food is one of the noblest ways of Donation. If you let out your hand to feed some mouths, you are not just doing any charity work, but serving a much greater cause. Take a look at the reasons why donating food will be beneficial to the donor.

Reason #1: Be the 'good samaritan'.

When was the last time you saw someone looking into your eyes with an expression of gratefulness? When was the last time you felt that you did something really good that made you feel ecstatic? The biggest philosophers in the world have always said that there is nothing more satisfactory than the feeling of giving something to people who need it.

Hunger is a feeling that makes living difficult. Hunger is the reason why a child who should receive an education is forced to beg for alms on the road. So, when you opt for Food Donation through our platform hare Krishna Charities, you are spreading a vibe of positivity and hope. Every hungry mouth that you feed will be thankful to you for the food.

And no adjective in the dictionary can define the feeling after you donate food to the needy. The food donating activities is a way to express your gratitude to the Almighty for making you fortunate to have your plates full every day. So, give back t the community something from your share to feel more positive.

Reason #2: Perform the social responsibility

As an educated and working professional of society, it's your responsibility to do your part of the job for the progress of society. But society can't be progressive if a section of the population sleeps hungry every night.

Progress is when all the people of the society can walk forward hand in hand for a better future. So, be socially responsible by donating money to charity as well as donating food. Platforms like Hare Krishna Charities will help you with donating money to the right causes in Society.

You will be a part of activities that directly help the backward classes to rise above and march forward for the development of Society.

Reason #3: Witness the joy of serving food to the hungry

Have you ever served food to a person who has not eaten for maybe a few days? You will know what it means by tears of happiness rolling down your cheek. At the same time, if you choose the wrong platform, you will have many questions like

Did the food reach the needy?
How did the charitable trust use the resource?
Where is the funding going?

That is why you should tie up with such an organization that will help you to take the food directly to the plates of the needy. And there is nothing more fulfilling than the expression of happiness and gratitude on the faces of the ones who know hunger the best.

Reason #4: Stop wasting

How many times have you thrown away a lot of food after a house party? How many times did your food go stale inside the refrigerator because you had too much to have and thus they got stale? If this food can reach the plate of the thousands who can't sleep at night owing to hunger, won't it make a big change in society?

Donating food is a donation under Income Tax 80G, which means you will get a tax exemption too. Therefore, stop wasting food at your home and share it with those who can have a good night's sleep because of this simple gesture of yours.

Reason #5: Uplift the economy

You are earning a handsome salary. But does that mean the entire society is progressing economically? And how will the country prosper if the society fails to develop its economical status?
Sharing of resources is the best way to aim for a less-bias society, if not equal. What you would waste is going to be the resource of another class of people who can contribute to the economy of society if they are more functional.
So, it's a chain process where sharing will ultimately lead to self-development too.

Donate for humanity

Above all, humanity lies in feeling the pain of others and doing whatever is possible to alleviate the pain. Donate food to curb the hunger of many and feel the peace within.

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