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How To Organize Food Donation For Student Education Programs

Young children from poor and financially weak families are enrolled in educational programs under government schools and private charitable trusts.
These student education programs aim to make them proficient in the arts of reading, writing, and comprehension. They learn courses as per standard contemporary syllabuses set by the education departments.
It empowers children with knowledge and vocational training to make them self-reliant and independent. Food donation is a vital prerequisite for all types of educational programs.

Other Needs of Students

Students of a young age need proper nutrition and good food to help them sustain the student’s life. Well-developed health needs the following in each meal.

  • proper meals three times a day
  • balanced nutrition of protein, vitamins, iron, and minerals in each meal
  • safe drinking water
This is provided by charitable trusts that undertake teaching and educational responsibilities for the children. It is essential because proper education and comprehension are impossible with a weak and deficient physical constitution.

How Charities Work

In the modern world, a person in any part of the world can donate to their choice of charitable trust.
Various charitable trusts are engaged in the organization of educational and vocational training for children and youngsters of various age groups. These children are mostly school dropouts due to a lack of financial resources.
They are also at times, engaged in day jobs to support their families. The arrangement for their classes is made in the evenings or on days when they are off from work.
  • education facilities include providing books, stationery, training facilities, and other articles needed for completion
  • It also includes breakfast, mid-day meals, and dinner arrangements with meals, milk, bread, eggs, and other items to maintain healthy physical growth
  • The nutritional value of the meals and other food items are checked as per the age group and their physical demands
  • Children who are medically examined with specific malnutrition or health-related problems get medical attention and food accordingly
At Hare Krishna Charities, we believe that education and food go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. Education is an all-around development of the mind and body.
A healthy body is needed to house a healthy free-thinking mind. we plan this holistic development with physical training and exercise along with education for life. It would be an incomplete task if the children are hungry and go without food at specific times of the day.
For this reason, we pay a great deal of attention to the nutritional value of meals served to children who are studying in various programs. A high standard of health and hygiene is also maintained in our kitchens to ensure there is no food contamination or infection at any time.

Tax Benefits

Any monetary donation under Income Tax 80G will be exempted from taxes under this section. Tax exemptions from 50% to 100% will be available for government-specified charitable trusts only.

The Pandemic and Food Crisis

Donating money to charity is a responsible way to help those around you. You can make a difference with a minimum contribution. It is your intent that makes our association so much stronger.
We have come together for a worthy cause as we prepare future generations with good values and food. Nothing can be more blissful than being a part of such an initiative.
The pandemic has been a sudden release of rough times for the world. Everything came to a halt, resulting in a severe shortage of food and money among people. The loss of jobs and livelihood sources caused deprivation and abject poverty among low-income groups. They needed strong and consistent support to emerge from the trauma of going without food for many days.
Hare Krishna Charities worked towards this end. We have initiated several training programs to make self-reliant groups of people who can support themselves and their families.

  • Our Swasthya Ahara program is dedicated to the food requirements of school-going children.
  • Their day begins with a healthy nutritional breakfast before they visit schools and learning centers.
  • It is a positive way to start the day. We understand that learning is incomplete on an empty stomach.
Adults are included in other food and meal distribution programs like Bhojana Amriitam and Annapurna. We pay special attention to the children’s dietary needs because of their daily activities, work and study pressures, and a need for healthy physical growth.

Food For Education

The concept of food for education has been a constructive drive by many charitable institutions to encourage school and college dropouts to return to the folds of education.

Most dropouts do not come to classes because they have to work to eat and support their families.
  • We have made a systematic plan to support the elders in the family to work and earn so that children can study.
  • Our meal programs ensure they are happy to study and stay healthy with timely meals.
The contributions people make in the form of money and food materials are welcome and go wholly into the meal preparations for the children.

You can log onto https://www.harekrishnacharities.org/swasthya-ahara and know more about our meal programs. Feel free to call us at +91 9133 062266 or email us at info@hkmcf.org

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