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The sudden increase in the COVID cases has led to the nation's healthcare system at the acute condition. However this time wave two was different. There has been a lack of hospital beds, a major lack of oxygen and entirely no medicines. The Second Wave of the Coronavirus has hit hard, and the entire social media flooded with tweets about how hospitals lack oxygen and the physicians are helpless

Again with the second wave lockdown, the economy slowly was on the edge of getting back to normal found a setback as the companies were again closed; some were shifted to work from home. So it is good to contribute a bit and help poor with donations is a humble start.

While the daily wage workers found it hard to earn money for one-time food, the conditions got more adverse again, and people seemed helpless in the second wave of Corona. It is when Hare Krishna Charities stepped up once again to provide meals for free, essential ration and also initiated the participation of various NGO driven donation plans, which has been a relief.

Endless possibilities of contribution

Hare Krishna Charities has always been a frontline rescuer for the people who cannot afford food. Serving for nine years, it has always been their primary duty to provide food to the poor and the needy.

But with the hit of pandemic wave 1 followed by the pandemic wave 2 with no scope of transition whatsoever, it has been a severe setback for the people who earned their daily work. It has been challenging for them to afford food, too, in such a situation. Indeed the Hare Krishna Charities came in front to support the people in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The meal for mere Rs 5 is available for the poor is the service provided by the Hare Krishna Charities which was now made free at all centres and mobile canteens which is a sigh of relief for many needy and poor people. Additionally, the initiative was taken during the COVID times that all the Annapurna Canteens are reopened so that each experience a better meal for themselves and their family members.

The charity has its activities noticeable across various news channels and other means of mass media regarding the support provided to the migrant workers during the COVID struggling times. In addition, there has been a great highlight about the donate to poor through food feeding services. It was also made sure by the GHMC officials to reopen all the canteens to help the masses in the COVID times.

Support throughout the struggle

The life-saving contributions of Hare Krishna Charities towards the needy people were published in various newspapers such which depicted a picture of the meals time where all the needy and the poor are lined up. They are getting quality and hygienic food for free from the government in association with Hare Krishna Charities.

A throwback to the early stages of pandemic wave one situation, It was in the year 2020, 11th of March. Annapurna ensured provision of proper food to all the students, people of the daily wage and poor and needy people below the poverty line with the meal just of Rs 5. One of the best NGOs in India has indeed contributed a lot in providing free and subsidised food distribution to the needy.

The Rs 5 meal plan was initiated by the Hare Krishna Charities so that the food was affordable for every needy person. The motive to provide subsidised food and free food in certain cases to a maximum of people is the organisation’s ultimate mission.

The food service proves to be a boon to the individuals as affording food for oneself and the family was quite tricky at the COVID times. It initiated and reopened more and more food canteens to help the daily wage workers.

Indeed it is a lifesaver organization for the masses who are needy and the poor. You can check the website for more details.

Connect with us to connect food with their hunger

For running such a significant foundation, it isn't easy to manage well and on-point. The funds can be a problem as it has the burden of feeding all the needy people. Surely to keep up with the ration, equipment and the kitchen in feasible conditions, adequate funds are needed and support from the public is always appreciated for such acts.

We are also affiliated with various NGO in Telangana and partnered with government municipalities and corporate companies to run the programmes successfully but with rising demand, charity donation is always appreciated and welcomed. The daily wage workers and the poverty-struck masses are unimaginably huge in the state, and it's the duty of the every person who believe in charity to donate some amount. You can be a part of food donations in India effortlessly.

It is also easy to be connect with us via email id address and the contact number mentioned on the website.

Serving needy people and contributing can be just a small step from your side but can be a massive step for the poor and the needy. The country already has its chunk of people in poverty, but the pandemic has certainly raised the bars.

Together we can make the needy people smile hunger free!

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